Binmas Task Force Noken Ops Damai Cartenz Training for Food Productive Businesses in the Central Mountains of Papua

Jayapura | In the field of food processing, the Head of Binmas KBP Nanang Purnomo, SH, was given training. MH invited Mr. Iyus Rutandi, a meatball owner who is quite well-known in the Abepura area, located in the Bintang Yahukimo Nduga mountains, Intan Jaya and Puncak 14/4/2022. 

As for the mixed ingredients needed for making cooking oil, sauce, jam. 
Training on how to manage raw food into food for several personnel of the Binmas Task Force Noken Damai Cartenz who attended the 8th Training of Personnel Ipda Febrianto, Brigadier Nasrudin, Fahmy, First Brigadier Nabila, First Brigadier Fitri, First Brigadier Sutowiaji, First Brigadier Yudarmon, Brigadier General and First Brigadier Reksa.
Adapted to the potential of natural resources that exist in their respective areas or according to what is desired by the local community. 

the main goal is that local people are able to independently manage the potential of natural resources in their respective areas, even if the production results of raw food management into multi-purpose food ingredients exceed the production for independent consumption," said KBP Nanang Purnomo. (*)

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