Business of Binmas Ops Peace Carterz 2022 Contribution to Controlling Livestock Animals at the Puncak Resort Police

Kabarposnesw.co.id - Checking Spot's pigsty, Binmas Ops Damai Cartenz 2022 Task Force, active KASUARI in the location of Kimak Village, Ilaga District, Saturday 16/4/2022 at 10.00 WIT.

Checking the pigsty Spot Mr. Wonime Labene assisted by the Binmas Task Force Personnel of the Binmas Task Force led by Iptu Yonias Purwanto and 4 members of the personnel and the medical team of the Binmas Task Force Ipda Dr Muhammad Abdul Rachman with 3 members of the personnel, and 4 press of the medical team of the Task Force, 12 of the Preventive Task Force.

Departure upon arrival at the destination of the Binmas Task Force Iptu Yonias Purwanto with the medical team and the Preventive Ops Task Force Damai Cartenz, met the Pigsty Spot with Mr. Wonime Labene in order to check the cleanliness of the pigsty and maintain friendly relations.
The arrival of member of the Task Force Personnel Iptu Yonias Purwanto only met Mrs. Yorina Alom, who is a family member of Mr. Wonime, coincidentally did not meet Mr. Wonime Labene, who was receiving treatment in Timika.

We from the Binmas Ops Damai Cartenz 2022 Task Force with the KASUARI Welfare for State Children program have helped the Puncak community, one of which is Mr. Wonime Labene by building a pig pen and will be given a pair of piglets to maintain and breed," said Iptu Yonias Purwanto.
Continuing says:
What the POLRI is doing in this case is the Binmas Damai Cartenz Task Force, which builds pig pens and helps pigs for the community, with the aim of sincerely helping the welfare of the Peak community in the field of pig farming."

At the time of handing over the pigs, we will work closely with the Agriculture Office of Puncak Regency to give an appeal to the community about the proper and correct way of caring for pigs so that people can learn how to raise cattle properly," he said.
At the same time, in the delivery of Iptun Yonias Purwanto together with the Preventive Task Force team Ipda Ade Hidayat, they gave sarcon food packages to Mrs. Yorina.

Thank you to the Binmas Task Force for visiting our place so that friendly relations are maintained properly and providing assistance for pig pens and pigs for Mr. Wonime Labene's family, the Preventive Task Force and Binmas Noken who helped us by providing basic food assistance," said Mrs. Yorina Alom. (*)

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